Water Protection & Wolfman Luggage

Waterproof Motorcycle Luggage

How how do you get the water protection you need?

Level 1 - Tough Material and Waterproof Seams - All Wolfman luggage is now constructed using heavy-duty vinyl with radio-frequency welded seams which seal out water.

Level 2 - Zippered luggage uses #8 YKK AquaGuard water repellent zippers which shed most moisture.

** Follow safe packing procedures to help keep your belongings dry using our zippered luggage. Also try lining luggage with trash bag liners or other sturdy plastic bags **

Level 3 - 100 % Waterproof Roll Top luggage like Rolie Bags, Expedition Duffels and Rocky Mountain Expedition Saddle Bags are 100% Waterproof when in good condition and used properly. These bags will shrug off the heaviest rainstorms and deep creek crossings. Plus they will keep mud, dust and odors out as well.

Wolfman is confident that our waterproof luggage can and will help keep your gear dry. For best results follow these guidelines.

Tip and Hints for 100% Waterproof Roll Top Bags

  • For best results, "burp" out excess air, smooth any wrinkles, roll/fold the top of the bag 3-4 half-rolls, then buckle.
  • Do not allow clothing or other items to drift into the roll area while rolling. They can wick water inside your bag.
  • Make sure mounting straps go through the various guides, buckles, loops or the mounting patch AND AROUND THE BAG to support the weight. Never leave a bag "hanging" by a strap, buckle or mounting patch. WRAP THE STRAP around bags and cinch them tight to the bike. This can prevent tearing and other damage to the bag that could cause a leak. Worse, swinging bags can easily cause a loss of control of the bike which is generally less pleasant than a leak.
  • Do not pack sharp or abrasive items or carefully pad them to prevent damage to the bag's waterproof material.
  • If you pack wet items, they will still be wet when you take them out and water may have spread to other items. This is bad if it is your down sleeping bag. This is good if your luggage is filled with ice and frosty beverages.
  • Take sufficient care around cactus, nails, sharp sticks and rocks, knives, marauding rodents, and speeding bullets. These and similar items can compromise the seal of your bags.
  • If it is deadly important to keep an item dry, (passports, cameras or memory cards, electronics, magnesium powder) it is probably a good idea to use additional layers of protection. Think Pelican cases, ziplock bags, or even a small Rolie Bag inside a larger piece of luggage.

Even when properly using the very best Wolfman Waterproof Luggage and any secondary methods of keeping water out, there is still a chance that your stuff will end up wet. That's just part of the Adventure of Life. Wolfman is not responsible for these extraordinary events.

If you have further questions, please see our Instructional Video Guides or Contact Us.

If Wolfman Luggage has kept your gear clean and dry under extreme circumstances, we'd like to hear about it. Send us the story and photos and we'll probably share your tale on Facebook.