Returns, Repairs & Warranty

Unfortunately when a Wolfman Threadworks item is personalized or specially made-to-order it cannot be returned unless it is faulty.  All 2023+ Wolfman Threadworks products (original black wolf logo) are carefully handcrafted and assembled to meet stringent standards but should one of our products fail due to a problem with materials or workmanship in the first year of purchase, Wolfman Luggage, at our discretion, will either fix or replacement the product. All Limited Warranty issues must be discussed with Eric prior to shipping and only apply to original purchaser. “Limited” means that it does not cover wear and tear, accidents, theft, crash damage, abrasion, neglect, misuse/abuse, aesthetics, sun damage or exposure to extreme temperatures, solvents, acids, custom alterations or modifications of any kind from the original design or intent of use. Please contact Wolfman via email at so we can evaluate your personalized product to determine the next step within the first year of use.

Please note:

Repairs:  For all repairs on the WP (RF-welded products) we recommend getting a vinyl repair kit at Amazon. All old sewn bags, please try BARE BOULDER for repairs at 303-955-1884 or seek out your local tailor or shoe repair in your town.

All 2023 Benefit Sale products and 2024 Closeout Pricing on our WP (welded product) collection were sold as is and all sales are final.  These products have a yellow wolf logo. Their warranty has expired.

Sewn Bag Warranty:  All sewn bags prior to 2024 Wolfman Threadworks were a limited Warranty that has expired.


Motorcycle Luggage and Paint - Protecting your bike's finish

We hope you are using our luggage because you ride your bike and need to carry your stuff. Great! Please realize that over time your bike may show wear in places where the luggage contacts the bike's finish. Plastic surfaces, being softer, may be more susceptible to marring.  Our luggage is designed to mount securely and to minimize vibration and rubbing. Smooth, soft material is used for bike/bag interface areas to minimize scratches to the bike's finish. However, dirt and grime caught between a bag and a finished surface can act as an abrasive and hasten visible damage. Ultimately, using anything will result in wear. Riding a motorcycle will result in an accumulation of rub-marks, scratches, dings, and scuffs that indicate time well spent. You are choosing to use soft luggage, therefore we are not responsible for such wear and tear from our luggage on your motorcycle surfaces. More