Why Wolfman?

We are a family-owned small business that proudly designs, product tests and creates all of our innovative motorcycle bags in the USA. Sustainability. Small footprint. Local. Highest quality. US-made. Legendary soft luggage and accessories are our passion. Eric, our Owner/Designer/Master Patternmaker will go to great lengths for our loyal Wolfman Luggage customers to have the best riding experience no matter what bike or location you ride!

Our mission for Wolfman Threadworks is different. Threadworks is crafted by us,
personalized by you using our legendary and versatile luggage. Each
product, base, and accessory has been extensively developed and rigorously tested and re-tested to give you the highest quality and function in the motorcycle industry. With built-in versatility you can carry everything you need.  All of our fabrics, webbing and buckles are the best in the industry.

Eric has been in the ADV motorcycle industry since the very beginning, as one industry colleague said, “Eric was Dual Sport/ADV before Dual Sport/ADV was cool.” He is a master patternmaker and an amazingly skilled sewing machine operator. We want you to know how each piece of Wolfman soft luggage is made by Eric using handcrafted, authentic and old school skills. You get to talk to Eric about your favorite ADV rides, skill level and what colors/causes draw you to ride.

The time has come for you to put some miles on that motorcycle. Wherever you are headed next, motorcycle packing can be challenging due to the lack of storage features and the desire to ensure your cargo withstands the elements. We want your adventure to be better by getting motorcycle bags that work for you!

"Hand crafted, moto goodness"   "Ride above the Status Quo"  "Legendary" all take on more meaning as you understand the years of experience behind our Wolfman brand.  And see our passion for motorcycle riding in our big, beautiful world with the best equipment possible on your bike!

(photo credit:  ADV Pulse)


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