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Why Wolfman?

We are passionate about motorcycles.

We are a family-owned and operated business.

Proudly designed and tested in the USA.

Wolfman continues to refine and define motorcycle luggage, with a built-in versatility that allows riders to carry exactly what they need in a way that suits their use, bike-type and personal style.  At Wolfman, we are passionate about motorcycles, our industry, luggage and our grassroots community. We love to ride and we use our passion to manufacture the highest quality, legendary motorcycle luggage and accessories, backed by the highest level of service. We feature innovative designs no matter what or where you ride.  Whether you are into street bikes, cruisers, commuting, weekend rides or full-scale adventures. We offer a complete line of Motorcycle Luggage and Motorcycle Luggage Accessories.  

Do You Have a Motorcycle Bag for Adventures?

Here’s How Your Adventures Will Improve With Wolfman Bags

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The time has come for you to put some miles on that motorcycle. Maybe a night getaway with your significant other, or maybe a vacation? Whatever the plan, motorcycle packing has always been challenging due to lack of storage features and the desire to ensure the cargo withstands the elements.

For most people, light travel adds to the motorcycle travel adventure. So, of course, your experience can only be better by getting a motorcycle bag that works. Wolfman Motorcycle Luggage helps highlight why you need our wolfman tank bag or the wolfman enduro tank bag to add to your adventure.

Rider with a wolfman tank bag.

Built-In Versatility

Our bags provide you with the luxury of packing your belongings while also freeing you from the burden of having to carry a backpack on your back as you ride. Carrying backpacks can be very uncomfortable and weigh down your body as you ride. With the wolfman tank bag, your movement is not restrained. It also does not interfere with your bike maneuvering, more so when accelerating or cornering.

close up of gear bag attached to bike

Carry Everything You Need

With our motorcycle saddlebags, you get an increased carrying capacity. If you desire to go on an adventurous long-distance trip, more storage space is necessary. A motorcycle bag provides you with the best option to store all your belongings. More belongings can be stuffed into the bag than what can go into a backpack. You can keep your motorcycle gears and rain suit here as you commute to explore less-travelled regions.

A unique bag and bike combination

Fits Your Style

Mounting a wolfman tank bag or a wolfman enduro tank bag adds a fantastic flair to the bike. These bags are available in various shapes, sizes and styles at Wolfman Motorcycle Luggage to suit your motorcycle.

Whether you are more into classic leather bags, or hard-case touring trunks, we have your needs covered. These bags are becoming trendier due to their fabulous look and what they offer to your ride.

rider resting on bike

Passion for High-Quality

Motorcycle bags are designed to cope with heavy loads while also being secure. Featured in our bags is a locking mechanism ensuring that you do not have to be worried about your belongings whenever you’re away from your bike.

Before purchasing a motorcycle bag, it is essential to consider how frequently it will be utilized. That way, it will be easier to settle on a bag that matches your budget, style, and size requirements. Visit Wolfman Motorcycle Luggage to see your options.

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