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Wolfman Threadworks.

“I have always wanted to do this and now it is a reality. I love to sew; I have been behind a sewing machine for well over 30 years. Threadworks is a passion of mine. I put all I have learned into each and every product I make. I make every piece as if I am making it for myself. This is one of my passions, the other is light bikes. I specialize in Light Small Bikes. These are my absolute favorites to ride. So, I merged the two into Threadworks which is Master Crafted, Made-to-Order, Made-in-USA luxury motorcycle luggage designed for small, light bikes. All hand crafted just for YOU!” —Eric Hougen, designer/owner of Wolfman Luggage
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Unlike Wolfman Luggage, Wolfman Threadworks is a company of one. Eric is both a master pattern maker and an excellent sewing machine operator--a true pioneer with in the ADV motorcycle world. Threadworks specializes in personalized Enduro motorcycle bags. Eric designs, builds and ships every item that leaves his design shop. This means when you place an order you get your place in line. Yes, there is a wait time. Everything is made to order, we carry no inventory, thus there will be a bit of a wait. While we are happy to have your order, please be patient. Our wait time is an estimate. Master crafted quality products take time to produce. Please feel free to reach out if you have questions.

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