Sponsorship Inquiry

Are you interested in being sponsored by Wolfman? Do you have a dream worth sharing, that will inspire others to RIDE?

We are constantly amazed at how many great riders and organizations are out there living the dream and who are riding or want to be riding with Wolfman Luggage. We understand. We do our best to make tough, versatile luggage that appeals to the world's best riders. And we do want to help make a difference in the world and in communities everywhere. Making a difference is important to us.

Please understand, though, that our business is centered around making and selling top-quality motorcycle luggage, not giving away stuff. If we do our job properly, we can and will help others. Maybe even you or your group or function. If you think you can inspire us, and, more importantly, show us how you can inspire others, take a few minutes to explain why and how we may be able to help you in your community, with your dream or worthy cause that has stirred you to RIDE.   Please email the completed application (PDF file in new tab) to sponsorship@wolfmanluggage.com.