Our History

Wolfman Motorcycle Luggage has been made with Quality, Passion and Integrity since 1992.

Our story begins over 25 years ago and we continue to build highly functional, versatile motorcycle luggage used by motorcycle enthusiasts worldwide.

  • 1992 - Wolfman Motorcycle Luggage begins crafting professional grade motorcycle luggage
  • 2000 - Wolfman Luggage opens its first online store
  • 2003 - Wolfman's line of motorcycle luggage is refined and expanded
  • 2007 - Wolfman introduces the use of tough vinyl fabric for the Expedition Series
  • 2010 - Waterproof, multi-use Rolie Bags are introduced
  • 2014 - Wolfman continues to refine and define motorcycle luggage
  • 2020—Wolfman goes 100% RF-welded construction!

Wolfman continues to be the most sought after motorcycle luggage on the market. Each piece features a built-in versatility that allows riders to carry exactly what they need in a way that suits their use, bike-type and personal style.