CLOSEOUT PRICING for WP line! Hurry, while supplies last! (Continental US only, Threadworks and PACK excluded) NO discount code NEEDED!

Wolfman Luggage Benefit Sale

Wolfman Luggage, is currently holding a benefit sale to help soften the blow of the recent diagnosis of Lisa, also known as Mrs. Wolfman. She has been diagnosed with meningioma brain tumors, and one of them is located on the back of her right eye. Lisa is set to undergo surgery in late April at UCLA's Brain Tumor Center, and the family is facing many hard decisions, including how and when to share this sensitive news.

In light of this, Wolfman Luggage is offering a significant discount of 20-45% off on selected items, as well as free shipping for orders over $150.00. The sale is not applicable to Threadworks and PACK products, and no discount code is required. This offer is also not valid with any other discounts and is only applicable within the continental USA.

The benefit sale is a fantastic opportunity for customers to gear up on high-quality, durable adventure bike luggage while supporting a small family business during a difficult time. Wolfman Luggage is known for producing some of the best adventure bike luggage in the market. With a wide range of products, including tank bags, saddlebags, and tail bags, there is something for everyone.

Wolfman Luggage's benefit sale is an excellent opportunity for customers to purchase high-quality adventure bike luggage while supporting a small family business during a difficult time. With the added bonus of free shipping for orders over $150.00, there has never been a better time to gear up. Let us all come together to show our support for Lisa and the Wolfman family during this challenging period.

Sale is valid only while supplies last, and all sales are final. 

 Looking to give in other ways? Lisa has a GoFundMe available as well: