Riders Stories from the Road, #8 of 8, "Adventure Riding Feeds My Soul" by William Gloege

Riders Stories from the Road, #8 of 8, "Adventure Riding Feeds My Soul" by William Gloege

William Gloege strives to follow his adventurous heart. In August of 2015 he embarked on a journey from his home in Santa Cruz, California to Ushuaia, Argentina, dubbed “Road Trip Down.” In Panama, he realized that he wanted to turn Road Trip Down, “Round.” After completing the South American leg, he continued on to Europe starting this tour in Germany. He road through Eastern Europe, the Balkans, the “Stans”, Russia, Mongolia and back into Russia, completing this leg in Vladivostok. 55,000 miles and 15 months later, the desire for a life filled with adventure still calls. In November 2016, Road Trip Down continues in Africa where William will explore his fourth continent. Through his travels, William hopes to inspire others to dream, follow them and to test their limits, no matter what that means.

The undertaking of a journey of this magnitude doesn’t allow you to compromise on any piece of equipment. I am proud that Wolfman Luggage has been a part of my exploration of our world aboard my motorbike. Traveling alone into unknown territories and foreign places has been made possible with my Expedition Dry Duffel and Rainier Tank Bag. I have found myself in some pretty precarious situations, but my confidence in the equipment has always been there as a base.  Feel free to follow me on:

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My journey has been perfect in its imperfections with regards to experiences…..


Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

Outside of Santa Theresa in Peru. Just beyond the rainbow and in the clouds is Machu Picchu. No Joke.

Made it to Tierra del Fuego and Ushuaia… It was snowing about 10 minutes before this picture was taken.

You can tell how good the roads are in the Swiss Alps by how clean the bag is…

No Gucci luggage in Venice, Italy… Wolfman only. Ironically, I was stuck in my tent at a nice campground about 5km from the canals in a long rainstorm… I thank Italy for their wine.

Moving a litter further into the Balkans….. This is Bulgaria.

When culture shifts start to happen you must have confidence in your equipment. Turkey and its people were some of the warmest in the world… Get there, people!!

Long dirt roads are the place where I find myself. More Turkey.


Roadside nap in Kazakhstan… Dry Duffle pillow and Rainer footrest…

I took this as a good omen… I love black cats… I may be one. Russian hostel.

Finally into Kyrgyzstan.

Kyrgyzstan. That is Peak Lenin, which borders Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. 21,000 feet. This picture is taken at just below 11,000 ft.

I was never afraid to cross rivers because of waterproofness. This was a doozey in the Bartang Valley of Tajikistan.

Bag is a little dirtier at 13,000 ft. in Bartang Valley of Tajikistan.

What a good lookin’ bike. No matter how many times I look at her, I think she is sexy! Into Mongolia and some of the most challenging riding of my life.

In Mongolia alone, I loved nearly 2,000 miles of roads like this, all off road.

Sometimes, WAY off road.

My bike is currently on a ship to Africa, where I will continue my journey through Africa, then head to Iran, Pakistan and India. I have no worries… especially with my luggage.

Thank you Wolfman for your excellent products and support of my journey. I hope that I can pay this forward and inspire people to test their limits, explore foreign lands, learn first-hand about other cultures and taste what the world has to offer.

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