Rider Stories from the Road, 2 of 8--Motoex_Jordan

Rider Stories from the Road, 2 of 8--Motoex_Jordan

We are proud to highlight eight incredible stories of passionate #WolfmanLuggage riders and their detailed feedback for you.  

Moto Expedition's Jordan review of our Enduro Tank Bag and E12s is number 2 of 8:

Wolfman Luggage: “Perfect for the smaller dual-sports”

If there’s one thing I don’t want to deal with while riding, its wearing a fully loaded backpack. The only backpack I can tolerate is my camel back, and that’s only for overnight campouts or multi day motocamp trips. Not wearing a backpack was difficult to do, seeing as how I ride a DRZ with virtually no storage capacity. Enter Wolfman tankbag, fender bag and E-12 saddle bags! I like to refer to myself as a comfortable minimalist rider. Thanks to the people at Wolfman, I have everything I need to be as self-reliant as possible on the trails yet still jump, drift, climb hills, cross streams, ride whoops, sand, mud, single track, try to wheelie and even the occasional 1000 + mile trips to southern California to ride twisties with my best bud, or Mendocino National Forest for some moto-camping with my best moto-camping bud. I ride it all, and often I ride aggressively. When I ride off-road, I’m standing most of the time. My Wolfman luggage keeps all my gear securely with me, but I can’t even tell its there!

The Wolfman Fender bag does exactly what it claims. It holds my extra tube, tire irons and tube patch kit. On the DRZ-400, it doesn’t block the headlight at all. My Enduro tank bag holds most of my EDC(every day carry) stuff: Wallet, keys, cell phone, tools, fire-starter, Life-straw, headlamp, emergency fishing kit, paper funnels, latex gloves, lighter, whistle, earplugs, registration and insurance, small air pump, microfiber towel, compass, hand warmers, soft-loop tie-down straps, extra hardware, charging cables for my phone and GoPro batteries, bluetooth speaker, more tools, snacks, and a beanie or hat…depending on the weather!

The E-12’s still surprise me with how much can fit in there. I’ve had my entire sleep system in them (hammock, tarp, thermal air mattress, 30degree lightweight military sleeping bag) along with my MSR pocket stove and fuel, Glock, survival knife, sierra saw, para-cord, medical kit, siphon hose, zip-ties and some food. I can’t tell you how happy I am that I don’t have to wear a loaded backpack when I ride anymore. I prefer the machine to do all the carrying.

The bags are all easy to access, mount very easily and they simply just don’t budge. Even on the harshest terrain or after some pretty nasty “dirt naps!” They are small and compact, yet carry so much more than you would think. The adjustment straps easily adapt to different load sizes to keep everything tight. They also keep the load low and out of the way. They are super durable as well. I’ve had the tank bag for over 11,000 miles now, and the only sign of wear and tear is on the zipper pulls. When I clean them, they still look new! They have reflective material striping for added safety. They can be moved from bike to bike in only a few minutes. They have never gotten in the way, even during the most aggressive riding. They offer a competitive warranty period, and to top everything off: They are 100% made in the U.S.A.. Enough said! Oh, and did I mention that they can double as a beer cooler? That’s Awesome.

The only con I can come up with is they are not waterproof. However, the bags I use don’t claim to be, and Wolfman does offer dry saddle bags. I sprayed all my gear with silicone spray and it does a pretty good job of keeping my things dry while riding in light rains and splashing through streams and puddles. I have been caught in a few epic downpours and even a couple of blizzards during my time in Reno/Tahoe, and the zippers did let some moisture in. As an adventure rider, I do get caught in thunderstorms from time to time. To deal with this, I carry a couple 10L dry stuff sacks to put the E-12 contents into. On multi day trips I bring a dry bag and all my gear that really shouldn’t get wet goes in there.

We all know the saying “you get what you pay for.” When it comes to Wolfman, you are getting the best. They are dependable, durable and among the most versatile soft luggage I have seen. Wolfman Motorcycle Luggage literally took the load off my back. For that I am very grateful. motoex_jordan tested and approved!

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