Rider Stories from the Road, 1 of 8--Mike Reid

Rider Stories from the Road, 1 of 8--Mike Reid

Wolfman believes in word-of-mouth advertising and for years it was the only advertising we did. "Naturally occurring" sharing is the original connecting instead of collecting social media fans--a way to create experiences worthy of being passed from person-to-person or in our case, rider-to-rider.

We are proud to highlight eight incredible stories of passionate Wolfman Luggage riders and their detailed feedback to help you enjoy our premium quality, Made-in-USA products for your next adventure.

Mike Reid is the first of eight rider voices from the road.  His journeys have included his completed Miles for Peace ride and his newest is his Guinness World record attempt for "longest journey on a pocket bike" 1500 miles across 9 states in a Honda CRF-50.  

See his website blog and photos here:  http://globalmikereid.com https://www.facebook.com/GlobalMikeReid/videos/1733283360269897/

We proudly support Mike and his adventures and thought you might like his stop motion video on packing our Rocky Mountain Saddle Bags:


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