Portable Healthy Lunches for Your Motorcycle Ride

Portable Healthy Lunches for Your Motorcycle Ride

Being Healthy on a Motorcycle Has Never Been Easier

Going on a motorcycle trip often means adrenaline and fun. Much of the fun on your motorcycle adventure includes bringing your own lunch to enjoy anywhere on your American road trip. If your motorcycle is equipped with a motorcycle saddlebag, you'll have the convenience of an instant picnic at any point on your trip. These portable healthy lunches for your motorcycle trip can save on your budget, too!

Packing your lunch also helps ensure you're eating a healthier, portion-controlled meal that’s balanced and makes you feel healthier for the day's ride. Particularly, the following healthy lunches will help you anywhere you go:


Salmon Salad

A salmon salad is a healthy meal that will keep you energized all day and ready to keep driving. You'll get heart-healthy omega-3s from the salmon, iron, thiamin, and vitamin B6 from the leafy greens, and a serving of fiber and protein from the chickpeas. With a motorcycle tank bag or duffel bag, you'll keep your salmon salad fresh!


Egg White Salad Sandwich

An Egg White Salad Sandwhich is an appetizing and versatile healthy lunch for any motorcycle ride. You'll get protein, antioxidants, vitamin C, and fiber which can help lower cholesterol and prevent any long-term illness. Also, it's pretty light food that will keep you in good condition for hours of riding on the road. 


Chicken Caesar Salad

A caesar salad is always a tasty dish for any ride, and you can keep it fresh in your motorcycle bag for the entire ride. It is light enough to serve at any time and gives you enough energy to continue your ride safely. Taking care of your health and save space in your motorcycle luggage with a delicious chicken caesar salad for lunch on your next motorcycle ride.


Turkey Wrap

Preparing a turkey wrap makes for an appetizing snack and can even serve as lunch. In addition, the combination of turkey and whole wheat gives you lean protein and fiber that will keep you feeling full for hours, which means more driving and fewer stops. This way, you will get to your destination faster.

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If you're planning to bring food on your motorcycle trip, it's best to have a healthy lunch that allows you to fill up on energy without feeling completely satiated so you'll be in top condition when you ride!  At Wolfman Luggage, we can help you carry your lunch and equipment with the best motorcycles bags on the market.

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