One-Pot Moto Meals Part 2

One-Pot Moto Meals Part 2

One-Pot Moto Meals Part 2: So you want to learn how to pack light and you are ready for your much needed moto Fall escape! And with COVID, you might not want to stop at the local small town café so this is Part 2 of our One-Pot Moto Meals.

This time, we are keeping the menu suggestions interesting, nourishing and within budget carrying lightweight portable foods and supplementing with gas station fill ups along the way.   Most adventures end the day with a fuel stop at the local gas station before setting up camp. These gas stations are also a great source of refrigerated and bulky foods that you would not want to pack but can make a meal mighty tasty. A common blunder is to pack too much food, forcing you to lug unwanted bulk and weight. Supplementing elevates your dinner from Pop-Tarts, freeze-dried meals (save for the nights too remote for a gas stop) or falling into bed hungry after a rugged day’s ride.

Suggested dry basics to pack: Oatmeal packets, instant refried beans, dry soup mix, street tortillas, small pizza sauce packets, instant mashed potatoes, instant stuffing, tea, coffee, spices, salt & pepper packets, favorite Fast Food seasoning packets. And you will need plenty of water from your Wolf Bottle Holster water bottle to create some great dinners!

Suggested gas station purchases: String cheese, milk, nut mix, cup of instant soup, jerky or sliced meat if they have it.

With these ingredients you can easily make these yummy menus:

  • String cheese, pizza sauce and tortillas for campsite pizza
  • Hearty oatmeal with nuts, raisins and flaxseed added with fresh milk
  • Sealed pouches of chicken plus mashed potatoes and stuffing
  • Baguette with hard salami, cheese and nuts
  • Wheel Chock sandwiches or Lunchables with a side of soul-warming soup
  • Instant refried beans wrapped in toasted tortillas with hot sauce
  • Tuna fish and crackers


Be creative! Variety makes your moto trips even better. We have so much available we often forget about it. These menus take a bit more of an expanded cook kit than the boiling water-only-freeze dried meals but with your JetBoil stove and a few pans/pots, a can opener, a Swiss Army knife, and a spork you will be ready to eat in no time!




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