How to Ride Your Motorcycle in Heavy Rain

How to Ride Your Motorcycle in Heavy Rain

Riding Your Motorcycle Requires Special Strategies

You go to your garage, you start the engine of your motorcycle, you put on your gloves and your helmet. You open the door and...surprise! It's raining.

From that moment on, your mind changes. Now, you have to be even more careful driving in the city, as well as on the highway. Wolfman Luggage cares about rider safety, which is why we’ve offered a series of tips for those who have no choice but to ride their motorcycle when it rains.


Braking on Wet Asphalt Smoothly 

A motorcycle will take longer to brake than a car because although it weighs less, the point of contact with the ground is much smaller – motorcycles only have two wheels compared to the four on a car.

When driving in rainy conditions, use the rear brake more than the front brake. Braking only with the front brake makes it easier for the wheel to lock and cause you to flip over onto the ground. In any case, use the brakes gently in rain, not abruptly.


Riding the Motorcycle as Vertical as Possible

When the asphalt is wet, your tires can slide more and lose grip sooner. In these cases of low adherence, you’ll need the largest contact surface on the ground possible. To achieve this, you should ride slowly in order to lean your motorcycle as little as possible. It is recommended that you go at a slower speed than you usually would go on a dry road, and not force traction in order to avoid falling to the ground.


Beware of Traps on the Ground

Riding a motorcycle is all about physics and balance. You are on a two-wheeled vehicle on which, when stopped, it tends to fall to one side. Therefore, water on the asphalt does not help to keep it upright, especially when you find slippery spots or objects. That’s why you should take more precautions and observe the road as you come to a halt.


Wear Eye-Catching Clothing

Wearing a reflective vest or clothing in a bright color such as orange can help you be easily detected in rainy conditions and prevent an accident. Other vehicles driving near you will be aware of your presence, and you run less risk despite adverse weather conditions.


Stay Safe in Rainy Conditions

Riding in rainy conditions is one of the most challenging situations for a motorcyclist. That's why you should take extra safety measures to ensure you have a smooth and safe ride. Wearing flashy waterproof clothing and riding straight and upright are just some of the ways you can ensure a smooth ride. Also, you should consider having all the motorcycle accessories you may need if you’re caught in a rainstorm. Wolfman Luggage has everything you need to stay safe and dry on the road. Shop now!

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