How to Pack Your Motorcycle Tool Bag

How to Pack Your Motorcycle Tool Bag

For any dedicated motorcycle rider or biker, the ability to ride with self sufficiency is a massive benefit. Whether it’s taking a trip by yourself, knowing the ins and outs of your bike operation, or simply just being able to access more of your motorcycle parts and mechanisms than a car, riding your motorcycle gives you an important sense of freedom, and self sufficiency. For many riders, an important part of that self-sufficiency is the ability to repair their bike on the go. If you have been riding for a while, chances are that at one point or another, you have had to pull over on the side of the road for a quick repair job, like tightening a loose nut or diagnosing a concerning noise.

Not all bikers feel this confident about DIY repair, and understandably so; a motorcycle has a lot of moving parts, and if you aren’t confident in the inner workings of your bike, or the mechanical solutions needed to fix it, you shouldn’t feel the need to repair it yourself because you have to entrust your life with its functional operation. But for the bikers who do feel confident in their DIY repair ability and don’t get too stressed out when they have to pull off to the side of the road for a repair, a motorcycle tool bag is a must have. In order to perform repairs quickly and correctly, you need the correct motorcycle tools to get the job done, as well as a selection of tools to provide repairs for a variety of potential issues that may arise. But you also need these heavy tools to be accessible, yet fully secure on your bike.

That’s where the high-quality motorcycle tool bags from Wolfman Motorcycle Luggage come in. Wolfman has become the industry standard when it comes to reliable quality and functionality for motorcycle luggage, and our motorcycle tool bags are no different. We offer rugged material that can stand up to just about any weathering, effective storage methods that make the most out of your limited space, and a 10-year limited warranty. Keep reading to learn more about packing your motorcycle tool bag, and how the durable motorcycle tools bags from Wolfman Luggage can help.

Consider Your Skillset (And Your Ride)

As much as we want to provide a catch-all selection of motorcycle tools for your needs, there are some things to consider first, mainly your skillset with the tools, and your actual ride. An off-road trail-runner will require a fairly different set of tools compared to an older vintage bike, and while there are a number of general tools that are good to have no matter what, there are specific tools for specific fasteners, plugs, and other varying parts that you should be aware of before you go on longer trips. Part of this consideration is also understanding your skill level with the tools, and what repairs are in your wheelhouse, and which ones might be above your current confidence levels. Do some “pretend” repairs at home to figure out which exact tools you may need for your specific bike type and parts, and how exactly these tools work for your repair needs before you start packing up your motorcycle tool bag.

Buying or Building?

When it comes to collecting the right tools for your specific bike and your specific DIY repair level skills, there are a couple ways you can approach it. You can either buy an already assembled tool kit with the basics and potentially a few specific items, or you can collect tools individually from used tool online markets or your local hardware store, or you can do a bit of both. Tool kits offer a convenient way to one-time purchase all of the basics, but you might be sacrificing some of the tool quality for that convenience. Some bikes come with a factory tool kit, or have one available for purchase, and while it might lack the ruggedness you want on the road, it will be specifically made for your bike. If you are looking to collect a more curated selection of higher quality tools, flea markets, yard sales, and online marketplace can have a good selection, although you will really need to be sure of specific tool types and measurements.

Don’t Forget About Parts

Your motorcycle tool bag will fit the selection of tools you need, but you also need room for parts. The right tool won’t do you any good if the part you need to fix is broken beyond immediate repair, so replacement parts are a necessity for any DIY motorcycle repairs. Whether it's a new belt, spare bulbs, some additional cables, or a supply of fasteners and bits, having replacement parts can make the difference between getting back on the road and needing to be picked up (and make sure they are the right parts that fit the specifications of your specific bike). Also consider non-standard fasteners like zip ties, duct tape, rope, wire, etc; you never know what you may need to just make it back home in one piece! With the Wolfy Tool Roll from Wolfman, you can have all the space for your tools, as well as a secure mesh pocket for any replacement parts you may need, which is a great option for any motorcycle tool bag you will take on your journey.

Motorcycle Tool Bag Online - Wolfman Motorcycle Luggage

Riding your motorcycle wherever you want is all about the freedom and mobility you have at your fingertips, but a large part of that freedom and mobility is self-sufficiency when it comes to your motorcycle operation. Feeling confident in not only your repair skills, but the selection of motorcycle repair tools on your pack is a necessity for any DIY motorcycle repair enthusiast. And having a durable motorcycle tool bag that not only fits all of your tools and parts, but stays functional and secure during your ride is the first step. See how the motorcycle tool bags from Wolfman Motorcycle Luggage can help you progress towards your rider self-sufficiency goals, and start shopping today.
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