4 Must-Have Adventure Bike Luggage Bags

4 Must-Have Adventure Bike Luggage Bags

When you’re an adventure bike rider, you want to utilize the best products for your needs, your rides, and your adventures. At Wolfman Motorcycle Luggage, our focus is on ensuring that your luggage needs are met with high-quality bags that are designed to withstand any wear and tear from your adventures! Here are four must-have luggage bags for any adventure bike rider who wants top-quality construction and long-lasting durability.

Wolfman Adventure Bike Tank Bag

Wolfman Adventure Bike Tank Bags

One of our popular options for adventure bike riders is the tank bag. This kind of bag is designed to sit on the tank of your bike, keeping your valuable items nestled safely against you. Our Wolfman Enduro Motorcycle Tank Bag is make with RF-welded seam construction to ensure that it’s waterproof and resistant to mud and dust. This type of tank bag is made to fit snugly on virtually any dual sport or adventure bike model.

Saddle Bag

Saddle Bags

Carry even more than you’d think possible with the Rocky Mountain Expedition Saddle Bags designed for your adventure bike! Wolfman saddle bags are constructed with durability and longevity in mind, so the welded seam construction will ensure that your luggage is resistant to mud and dirt, is waterproof, and lasts for years to come.

Duffel Bag

Duffel Bags

One of the best ways to carry everything you and your friends and fellow adventurers need on a trip is with high-quality duffel bags designed for the road. The Expedition Duffels WP from Wolfman Motorcycle Luggage are also constructed with welded seams and come in small, medium, or large sizes to ensure that you have the space and durability to bring all the essentials on your next adventure.

Wolfman Threadworks Bag

Wolfman Threadworks Bags

Do you prefer your bags made to stand out? We’re proud to introduce Wolfman Threadworks, our made-to-order bags designed with all of the amazing durability and capacity features, but in designs, colors, and fabrics that reflect your unique personality!

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