Base Luggage

It was 2010. Like all good design, we were ahead of our time making modular saddlebags. Wolfman Luggage was the original using a rackless adaptive design for motorcycling.

2010: Original Rolie Saddle Bag Mount. 2020: Updated and Improved Unrack System.

We also listened to our customers who wanted to be rid of liners and rain covers to make their luggage 100% Waterproof, with roll-top Rolie Bags. Keep it simple, light, tight and versatile with the updated Wolfman Unrack System. An E-base or B-Base (choose the right one for your bike size) supports multiple configurations of bags, so you’re always ready for your next ride. Maybe a single bag for a jaunt across town. Or all the bags you need for a week in the wild. Mix and match bags and accessories to suit your needs and then Go!